The Campaign

The Third Harmony is a multi-media campaign that includes a book, a film, and a board game. (And a soundtrack!)

Order a Third Harmony Set today that includes: DVD of the film, a book, and a board game from the Metta Center as a package for $108 plus shipping. Visit this page.

Read the Book

The Third Harmony: Nonviolence and the New Story of Human Nature is available from Berrett-Koehler publishers. This is an essential read to accompany the documentary. Order your book here.

Play the Cooperative Board Game

Cosmic Peaceforce: Mission: Harmony 3. In addition to the book and the film for the Third Harmony, we’ve created a cooperative board game for adults that serves as an introduction to cooperative game models, movement strategy building, the new story, and last but not least, key principles in nonviolence. It also happens to be loads of fun and a creative way to build positive, empathic, and meaningful connections between diverse individuals. Buy a copy here.

Take the 30 Days of Nonviolence Challenge Course

Discover the peacebuilding power that lives within you: Make nonviolence a meaningful part of your daily life. Enroll here.