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Host a Community Screening

“Hats off to the Metta Center for this intellectually challenging but completely accessible film that seamlessly addresses both theoretical and practical aspects of nonviolence. Viewers will go away not only appreciating the film’s main theoretical point – that nonviolence is an essential human characteristic – but they will also find themselves face-to-face with the film’s very practical challenge to take up the work of nonviolence in their own lives.”Charles R. DiSalvo, Professor of Law, West Virginia University, Author, M.K. Gandhi, Attorney at Law: The Man Before the Mahatma

Eager to raise awareness about the power of nonviolence? Host a community screening of The Third Harmony! We’ll boost your event with a link to the film, along with a toolkit to spark post-film discussion.

Community and school screenings are available via Bullfrog Films.

Option 1: On-Demand: You can set up an “on-demand” screening, which means you select a period of days and you receive a link for your group to view the film during that period any and as many times as they would like over that period. Many groups charge an “admission fee” to cover the small cost of the license.

Option 2: Fundraiser! You can also set up a fundraiser for the Metta Center where you receive a link for a “pay per view” screening over a window of time, and when people want to register, they pay whatever amount you are charging, e.g. $15, (Metta receives only part of the fundraiser as it’s split with Bullfrog, but every bit helps.) and once they pay, they can view the film.

Option 3: On-Time: The final option is a group screening link, where everyone screens the film at the same time and on the same day, usually followed immediately by a talk or film discussion.

To choose any of these, write to to set it up. Or…

Get in touch, and our team at the Metta Center for Nonviolence will get back to you. Talk soon!

    Host a Conversation with this Discussion Guide

    The Third Harmony film Discussion Guide is intended to help you or your group explore the principles of nonviolence put forth in the film in greater depth, and to discover how they can apply to your lives and communities.

    Film Festivals – Online

    Film festivals can find us on Film Freeway.

    For individual private use only: View now on Vimeo — Your ticket purchase helps us spread awareness so we can bring this film to more people at this critical time.